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How the Girls on Track Program Works


The Mission

To educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living.

The Program

Girls on the Run/Girls on Track is a non-profit prevention program which uses an interactive curriculum and running to encourage preteen girls in developing self-respect and healthy lifestyles.Our curricula address all aspects of girls' development-their physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. The lessons are aimed at providing girls the tools to avoid risky adolescent behaviors.

Our Approach

Our 20 lesson curriculum is designed for 6th-8th grade girls and combines training for a 5k run with lessons that inspire them to recognize and honor their individual strengths and talents and to celebrate their inner selves. The culminating event of the 10-week season is the opportunity for the girls to participate in a non-competitive 5K running event. For most of the girls, this is the first time that they have ever attempted a physical goal of this magnitude and completion of the 5k provides an incredible feeling of strength and a real sense of accomplishment. The curriculum is designed to aid and support girls in their emotional, physical, social and intellectual development.


Girls on Track promotes physical, emotional, social and intellectual development in 6th through 8th grade girls. The girls complete the 10-week program with a stronger sense of identity, greater self-confidence, a healthier body image and a better knowledge of what it means to be a member of a team and a community.

Curriculum Structure

Each of the twenty four Girls on Track sessions adheres to a formal structure that combines physical activities with experiential learning activities. Every session begins with a getting-on-board and warm-up activity that brings the girls' focus to the lesson topic. The warm-up is followed by a stretching routine that allows for question and answer time and deeper discussions around the topic. A work-out game follows, where the girls participate in a variety of running activities that incorporate individual or team goals. This is followed by a wrap-up that includes cool-down stretching and final discussion. Each session closes with positive words from the team coach regarding individual and group behaviors.

 Please see locations page for a list of participating schools.


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